Day 1 at Sick/Happy Kids

The guy is snoring his little heart out in our room, finally asleep at 10.30pm. Unbelievably, this was actually a great day. I am shaking my head at my own choice of words. How can this be? Hospital. Admission. Dialysis. Tests. Nurses. Doctors. One smiley little guy in a big green Kermit The Frog shirt who did not walk one step the whole day. Oh no. He was dancing. I guess the excitement started at 6am when he and Indie got up and got dressed then raced to the car to check out their treat bags. Full of books and crafts and a book light and flourescent bracelets for scaring nurses….we are truly going for low-blow all-out emotional bribery. It still works.

Together with my parents who arrived on Thursday from Australia, Jesse, Indie, Molly and I arrived at the hospital almost an hour late because of some hideous traffic that turned the two hour journey into four, but somehow everyone remained friendly – even me. The kids played in the playrooms most of the day inbetween meetings and dialysis (and a near heart-stopping potassium of 7.1….yep, that’s baaaaaad) , then this evening when all was done, we walked downtown a bit and had dinner in a restaurant. The sick kid had a rack of ribs. Of course. Stocking up the larder to tide him over for a few days.

My folks and the girls then headed off to a local hotel, while Jess and I did an x-ray, had a bath then read a story together before bed. He was laughing right up until the very first snore.

What a blessing. I am a little dumbfounded to be honest. I mean, perhaps if I had a modicum of anxiety, it would be more fitting. But I just feel like smiling. I melt seeing Jess so happy. How like my Father in heaven this all is. Wonder and joy and a little plip-plop dance in the midst of the very business we’ve been hoping to avoid for the last two years. Thanks so much to you praying people. It was you. You God heard. Love you. Kimx


15 thoughts on “Day 1 at Sick/Happy Kids

  1. Walking with you each step of the road, especially this week, knowing that you are not alone but “held” and upheld by His nail scarred hands. May His grace and peace continue to sustain you. Love and prayers, Peter and Elizabeth

  2. praying for you all as a family as this will affect each one of you differently,I thank God that he knows our needs he reaches down and touches each one of us,meeting our needs.I pray for your continuing strength as parents,and for Jesse,that he will grow and be completly healed.God bless each and everyone,Mum ,dad children and grandparents.bless you all in his precious name.xx

  3. Love that rack of ribs!
    Isn’t your God great!
    We are praying hard and will be fasting Thursday for you all.
    Lots and lots of love – we so wish we could be there.

    By the way, while we fast, don’t forget the Golden Griddle or Cora’s for breakfast!

  4. I love you!
    I wonder when we can come again?
    I wonder when we can go to daysin hotel?
    I wish we could be in Canada.
    I am really looking forward to going to Great Wolf Lodge.
    I hope that next time I come it will be winter.
    I have never seen a drop of snow. We are praying for you every night.
    We are having chicken and enchilladas. Dad said we won’t go to Canada until I am 11.

  5. Although we have not met ( a friend had been forwarding your Emails but I am now able to use your blog) I feel as though I know you folks through the messages you have posted. What a wonderful testimony to your faith this journey has been! You have touched so many lives. Will continue to hold you up in prayer. May God be near and keep you in His care. Margie

  6. Hi,Kim – I want you to know that all 16 of my students pray for Jesse everyday at school – there hasn’t been one day of this whole school year that the kids have reminded me pray for Jesse Parker! It’s awesome to hear these little ones lift up Jesse and your family in prayer. Love and blessings, Grade 1&2 S.TC.C.S, Doreen DeWeger

  7. God is so good and He`ll go with you each step of the way even going before you to prepare the way. Will continue to hold you all up in prayer trusting you all to our loving Father`s healing hands.

  8. I am reading with tears of gratitude to the God Who hears and answers prayers.

    What a Glory Report this was!

    Thank you, Kim.

    Thank YOU, Father!


  9. We have been following Jesse’s and your journeys(Tim and Kim and girls) almost from the beginning of the e-coli infection and its far reaching impact. we have prayed (we won’t stop either) for you and your medical team and God has -as always shown His wonderful love and power- beyond description and so wonderfully shared in your postings online. May God bless the handds of the doctors and continue to bless you as a family in whatever the future may be!

  10. Thinking and prayin for you everyday!! What an unbelievable that little man Jesse is.

    If there is anything I can do to help you all out in any way, please call fell free!!

    Love you all

  11. Dear Kim,
    Surely the Spirit is giving you the peace that you need. He will be also guiding the surgeons hands and protecting you all. Looking at your walking with the Lord there’s only one set of “footprints in the sand” at this moment.
    We’ll keep praying!

  12. Praying for you guys each day, that our Heavenly Father continues to bless you in ways unimaginable to us.
    You are His precious children and He is walking with you every step of the way or in Jesse’s case ‘Bouncing’ like Tigger!!
    May God’s love surround you all,know that He is only a prayer away x

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