Well, we made it through the day fairly unscathed, hope intact, heart beating at normal pace. This is what it feels to be held, I guess. By you, by my ever-loving heavenly Father.

Jess is in the CCU, looks fairly scary, on many drugs, with many, many tubes, and fluid replacement happening every 15 minutes as they pump his body full of as much fluid as his new, swish-bang, extenda-model kidney ploughs out. Initially, the man-kid, as we should probably call Daddy’s kinney now, was producing pee at a rate of 620mls per hour – which is “excellent”, but has now slowed down to 380mls per hour – also good. Another indicator that the doctor allowed as “excellent” was the fact that from the first post-man-kid bloodwork, Jesse’s creatinine dropped from 224 this morning to 118.

They were delayed getting him from surgery to the CCU as he had difficulty breathing on his own when they extubated him, so they had to re-intubate. Sigh. The story of his surgical life. Perhaps though, the silver lining is more valuable – it means they will keep his morphine switched a little higher so that he won’t wake up too much. Don’t you think if you had a 20cm gouge in your side you’d prefer to be a little unaware of it for the first few days? I find I can give thanks for that.

My heart broke momentarily, however, when they tried and failed 5 times to get an NG tube down his nose for anti-rejection meds which must be given orally. His eyes opened wide with the pain and he looked at me and a big tear slid down his cheek. Helplessness. Yet, bless him, when the nurse asked Jess to open his mouth and keep it open, he did. 

I am just so thankful it’s over. Thank you for your enormous part in it. Pray this man-kid sits in Jess as happily as it did in Tim.

He is allowed no visitors right now save his parents to limit infection as he will be on immune suppressants. Much as I love you, please take this as a perfect excuse to not visit just yet. His body needs a bit of time.

Praise God for giving power and strength to his people.



12 thoughts on “11.35pm

  1. Dear Kim, it’s been a long long day for you and it all sounds so positiv. GOD is good I have had you all in my heart all day and kept praying for you and keep continuing to do so. Good to hear that so far all goes so well. Love you all Marianne

  2. Hi Kim,
    its friday morning here in england,and I have just read your blog “its done”I am so happy I cried .We prayed at our kinship last night for you all but especially for jesse,I begged our father in heaven to heal him completly and allow him to live a full and happy life.You know I think your right it is done. I am sure he ,you ,tim will all be fine,How I wish I could give you a Hug you for your strength, and compassion has affected each one of us who have walked with on this walk of faith,bless you Kim and as usual GOD BLESS x Sue

  3. Praise be to the God of all mercies. He has done it with a bit of help from wonderful surgeons, a Dad who is willing to give all and a Mum full of Faith and wonderful grandparents.

    Let’s not forget Jesse himself who has played a great role in all of this.

    Thank you for keeping us all up to date, the whole Church here is following God’s work in Jesse’s life (and has been since it all began), he is our ‘Pin-up’ Boy!

    We feel very close to you all and will continue to hold you up before God in these days ahead.

    All our love

    Jaquleine and all the Saints in Cyprus

  4. Such relief to read this. My heart skips a beat when I am notified of an update as I pray it is good news.

    Blessings on this new day for all of you. Praying for a rapid recovery for Tim and a miraculously wonderful relationship between Jesse and man-kid that lasts for 95 years or more.

    Lovingly from Halifax,

  5. Kim, so happy to hear the good news.
    Jesse has a greater purpose in life, he will grow up to do amazing things for His Lord, for Our Lord. 🙂
    Praying for a complete recovery, and for Jesse to feel fabulous once he wakes up.
    Praise the Lord. 🙂
    Lots of love,
    Alycia & Dick

  6. Hi Kim
    Don’t know you but have been praying for a long time for you all. So happy J doing so well..hope Tim is too. You don’t mention him much. God be with you for the road ahead.

  7. Kim, I’ve never met you, but have followed the forwards and Living Stones article since I pieced together that you were that lovely lady who invited us to your street party when we just looking at the house for sale beside you. We too are believers and believe in a sovereign, mighty Father. We are praying for you and your family. With Love, Becky Ong

  8. Hi Kim, rita June 13/10

    I don’t really know you but have met you. I do know Tim and his parents.
    I’ve been following Jesse’s ups and downs and pray for him and Tim. Of course I also pray for you as you are juggling many responsibilities. Is
    your baby okay.
    Take care, God bless and will continue to pray.

  9. Hello Kim I do not know you yet although thanks to Denise I feel like I do. We are so happy that everything went well and Jesse and Tim are on the way to recovery. I can’t imagine how you did it but keep strong for your amazing family. Your family is always in our prayers. God bless. Dorothy

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