2.5 Litres – down the hatch

Can’t believe it! Today with help from Tim and Mum and Dad, we force-fed Jess with 2.5L of water/juice/milk/anything we could think of. I was praying about how the heck we could all live through getting him to drink himself silly enough to keep the mankid afloat. And the idea came to divide the day into meals and give 500ml at every meal or snack rather than trying to continuously get him to drink. You want breakfast? Great. Here’s a drink. You want a snack? Absolutely. Here’s your drink. Dinner? Drink. Bed? Drink. So I went out today and bought two cute drink bottles of 420mls each. I think it will  be do-able for him to have a bottle-full at every meal. And if it’s not do-able for him, he’ll have to learn. We have only one bathroom at home, and it’s upstairs, so we probably should have a big yellow sign out the front of our house: “Warning: frequent child peeing zone”. Tim is horrified whenever I let Jess drop his dacks in the front garden. He is desperate to not be the one to drag down the neighbourhood….but while we have Bobbie reading his daily paper in his PK’s* across the road, I think we are safe (We love you Bob).

The biggest problem Jess has right now is boredom. He’s so ready to go home. We’ll work on that tomorrow. We went out to a restaurant for dinner tonight, and he and India were laughing, teasing each other, tickling each other, just in high-gear. Although it wasn’t exactly perfect-child-restaurant behaviour, it made me so happy to see them enjoying each other. I remembered how in the days before the transplant , I was watching Jesse skip and laugh with India, full of joy, and wondering if I would ever see that kid again.

I am so very thankful for modern medicine; for the prayers of God’s people, and for this gift of faith in Jesus Christ, which has carried us through these last two years intact, full of hope and joy still, and more sure than ever that this God we serve is alive and faithful.

*PK’s: Passion Killers


8 thoughts on “2.5 Litres – down the hatch

  1. Dear Kim and Tim,
    So good to read your posts. they make us feel like we are there with you all. At the moment you must be sound a sleep. And I hope you sleep very well.
    I keep praying – there is lots to pray and thank God for!

    Lots of love

  2. Great idea (the bottles ) Kim all our best in succeeding,which I’m sure you will.What a joy to go out for a meal and do normal things,wont be long and you will back in your on bed and house,and what a journey you are on,hang on in there!!!.Godbless Sue x

  3. Good job Kim! I am glad that you are working out the kinks of all these seemingly small but very important details. It amazes me how you have all been so great about everything while keeping everyone together and meeting all the needs of a family woth 3 young kids. You have done it beautifully! Your kids have such a good attitude about life and each other, it must come from their mom!
    I sure it’s nice to be close to home.
    Don’t forget to take care of yourself too.
    p.s. you might want to check with the nurses to see if milk counts as a liquid. I have a feeling it is considered a solid.

  4. We are so happy for the joy that has come to your family. I’m sure the neighbours will be so happy to have Jessie home, they will overlook the watering of the plants. Much happiness today and for the days to come. Ellen (Gary)

  5. This are excellent news. We’ve been praying for this specific cause (the drinking cause) and the answer is coming.
    God is wonderful!

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