OK so maybe I spoke too soon. I’ll have to come up with other plans. We were at the hospital this morning, all three of us, and it took 2 1/2 hours. Even the most patient kids turn into ferals after 1 hour. By the end, I said “I’m sorry, we can’t wait any more for even a blood pressure. We’ll be back in a day. You’ll thank me for not hanging around.”

Then we all went on a picnic. Not the greatest idea in 37o heat, but it felt like summer holidays.

At any rate, Dr Sharma just called and although he would not have mentioned it unless I asked, Jesse’s creatinine had risen significantly today. It was 34 on Friday and 45 today. That’s worrisome. Or reason for me to ask you to pray for Jesse’s mankid. They don’t look at single readings, more trends, which is why Dr Sharma was not overly alarmed, but still, when the creatinine goes up, it could be a sign of rejection – his body fighting to oust this rather large intruder. My heart feels a little sick, because, surprise, surprise, I just feel like I don’t have the physical or emotional energy for too much drama, but I haven’t taken myself off to speak to the Lord about it yet either.

If you could pray for that kidney to remain healthy, we would be so grateful. Risk of rejection is greatest in the first 60-90 days, so we are not home-free ……. but since the day we got home, we sure are acting like it!


10 thoughts on “Rejection?

  1. Kim; We are definitely praying for Jesse that all works for him. Do not give up hope.There is a world wide prayer chain going at the moment .

  2. praying very much for you for jesse’s body to accept this kidney, and for the sanity of yourself and the kids as you embark on many hospital visits without your lovely parents to assist you. Also, for peace, for you. I know how it feels to be worried sick about a sick child, though my childs challenges have nothing on yours, I do understand.

  3. Prayers are going up to the Heavens Kim. You just stay still dear. Jesse will be okay.
    Always thinking about you and your family. Loved the photos of your parents with the children!
    Hugs & love,

  4. Hi Kim ,dont loose heart.We must keep on trusting the ultimate healer,God has brought you all this far.I really cant accept he will let it all go wrong now.I pray you will receive strength, and wisdom ,and peace ,about the whole situation.Love to you all,and Godbless ,Sue x

  5. Arent parents amazing at how well they care for us and their grandchildren,how come they do it so effortlessly.! My mum is the same!
    Peter turns 2 on Friday so I will be ever reminded of Jesse being so ill as I gave birth.I think of you all daily and pray for Jesse with all my heart. Much love to you and Tim,JO xx

  6. Thinking of you today and praying for Jessie’s new kidney. Lots of Love from our home to yours. Ellen (Gary)

  7. I’m with everyone else mate. I rebuke this in the name of Jesus, who is more powerful than anyone or anything!! thinking of you xx

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