French sleeping

Lock up your daughters!

This is how Jesse is: the other day we were chatting and I asked him to speak to me in French. He has been in a french immersion school for almost two months now, so I figured he could throw me a bone and give me at least some teeny  bit of an idea of what he is learning – in french. He looked thoughtful for a few moments and then said “Uhhh …. no …. what I really need to do is some french sleeping.”

I thought I had heard him wrong so asked “What did you say Jess?”

“What I really need is someone to do french sleeping with me.”

I howled with laughter before I answered that I thought he quite possibly needed to be  married before he did any french sleeping. I also suggested that maybe if he spoke with his daddy, Daddy could tell him (and me) how you do it.

Oh my goodness! This boy makes me laugh. I told my Dad about it and he suggested that I might want to write a letter to his teacher letting her know that I strongly feel sex education has started waaaay too early for my liking……

Pumpkin picking!

Jesse’s favourite part of school, in no uncertain terms, is the bus. I thought I would surprise them one day last week and pick them up right from school, and Jesse huffed at me all the way home and kept asking me why I had to come. A close second is recess. Today when he got off the bus, I said “How was your day Jess?” and his eyes lit up as he answered “Guess what?!! We had TWO lunches today!! Two!!”

It’s just so lovely to almost forget the pieces of this life that have made him. The sharp bits. The only time we are reminded of what he has endured is when (every 5 minutes) someone has to nag him to drinkdrinkdrink … and at 10.30pm, 1am and 4am when I get him up to change him and pop him on the loo …. maybe some french sleeping is what I need!

Getting some Daddy-time

Bloodwork last week showed Jesse’s calcium is still fairly high, but an ultra sound showed that his thyroid is not overly enlarged, so I think the decision was to just sit on things for a while rather than chop the thing out. His creatinine is also still at 63. A bit of a mystery to everyone since Jesse still drinks a minimum of 2.2L per day. 36 is normal. While he was not outwardly thrilled with Jesse’s progress, I think his kidney doc is very happy and surprised with how Jesse is doing. He was actually lost for words and had to check his palm pad twice when he put in the numbers and discovered Jesse’s spot on growth percentile chart has gone from 22% to 47%. Not bad for 4 months. Must be a pretty darn good kidney. Good on ya Dad!

It was Thanksgiving here two weeks ago, and we were all just so overwhelmed with what we have to be thankful for. Strangely enough, the more I think about it, the more I believe while suffering may take something from you, it also gives meaning. It gives sharp definition to the words “thankfulness”. It makes my words honest rather than cliched or merely hopeful when I talk  about the “grace” and “mercy” of God. It has given passionate clarity to our celebration. The most wonderful thing of all to me, is that I know Who I am thanking.

"Here Jesse, carry this pumpkin."

"Got it. Ummm ... Indie!! Help!"


4 thoughts on “French sleeping

  1. Ha!
    Kim, so cute and what blessings for sure:)
    Love these pictures very much!
    Always thinking about you and your family.
    Hugs & love,

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. So thrilled to hear the happy words coming from you. Jesse is funny beyond words….without trying! Love to you all.

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