Canadian Summer Transplant Games

You’re envious, right?

That’s what we’re going for.

Chosen by God to be one of the few who get to participate in some intense sporting competition – with team uniforms, opening ceremonies, medals and everything – that’s a privilege. There’s no disaster or tragedy here.

This, these Transplant Games, they are a blessing. That Jesse gets to take part, an honour. 


That’s the kind of realization we’re hoping to seed with a hundred conversations and a thousand wonderful moments. Together, they will build a young man’s confidence in himself and the journey God has him on. It’s not everyone’s journey but that’s OK. Everyone has different fabulouness and difficulties. Everyone. This life? It’s yours. And look how wonderful it is!

It certainly helps the argument when you have a day like today.


Jesse was up for the 5 km bike race first thing. I was a bit wobbly when we pulled out his mountain bike – seaweed still stuck to all the spokes from when he rode it into the lake at Rondeau two weeks ago. All this professional equipment and outfits and there we are in our second-hand shorts and a bike that’s never had so much as an oil change.


But Jesse? Grinned like a Cheshire Cat as we counted him down (it was a timed race and they let them go one a minute), then a little swagger and he was gone.


Then back. Really happy….. So for fun, while he was waiting, he did the course another three times. Lucky the Tim Parker Kidney is totally up for  such foolishness.

An hour later we learned he was second in his age group. Which – you know, in Olympic parlance, means a silver medal!


And after watching the Olympics in the hotel lounge each night, Jesse knew exactly what you do when you get a silver medal around your neck: you bite it. Obviously.




To celebrate, he and the Mollster did some burn outs in the Nathan Phillips Square fountains afterwards.

Who wouldn’t?


Amd then because he has birthday money burning a hole in his pocket, he folded the $10 bill up really small figuring the vending machine would work out it was $9 more than the $1 coins usually deposited there. Strangely, the machine was stumped by the maths.

A great day. Some heaven-headed new friends. Our God is so good. I’ve got eyes to see and it just staggers me. We’re slowly but deliberately building a picture and some memories so one day soonish, Jesse sees it too.



3 thoughts on “Canadian Summer Transplant Games

  1. Great story of the ongoing saga of the amazing Parker family. Good going for Jesse! You are blessed by God and you have blessed so many lives and will continue to do so! Love to all of you Ev and Dave

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