It amazed us that people were so interested in Jesse’s story.  We started sending emails out to friends and family begging them to pray when Jesse ingested e.coli back in 2008. We emailed daily from the hospital for almost six months as he lost his kidneys, pancreas, some bowel and fought for his life. Somehow, we’ve just kept sending updates. Except now they have become more for me than anyone else.

I expected to chronicle how the Saviour our family loves answered prayers for Jesse. Instead, what I have found is I am chronicling how Jesus has revealed himself to me through  these hardships with Jesse.

We all have fires. We do. Life is hard. I am so imperfect. Though I have seen a Mighty God with me in the fire, I walk out of it changed …. and keep sinning.

But I also keep seeking. The writing-down of it has made me take the time to make myself notice God’s presence here with us, and to remember.

Maybe the time between my displeasing God and my repenting of it is shorter than it was before. I hope so. But I don’t know for sure. All I know is that by looking at these pictures of Jesus on my own personal Jesse Tree, I am not what I was before.

Thanks so much for your love. The prayers of God’s people on Jesse’s behalf have availed much. God is faithful and loving and never have we felt His presence and power more than in the midst of these agonies.

It’s years on since that first email. We have a better picture. And I praise Him for that storm!

Summer 2011

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Kimbo, I’m interested because I’ve always held you dear, despite not being in contact for 20 years. I can’t drop you in casseroles or babysit or come and cry and pray with you in person, but I can read your blog and weep and pray in Perth. Keep writing. We’ll keep praying. love, Sal

  2. Words fail me Kim. Anything I want to say seems so useless and redundant. How good is it that you (and I) have a God that is taking care of you as individuals in your family. Such amazing amazingness. Thank God for His tireless, boundless and unfailing wisdom, love and care. He Will continue to guide and support.
    Love and tons of hugs from Beth

    P.S. Our God is an awesome God!!!

  3. Kim, You write so beautifully and I just love how God is working through you and being an encouragement to others as you are going through this. God is so present and I am at a loss even how to adequately express how the way you are talking to God and looking at Him is impacting me.
    I love how you say you are asking God not to send you where He is not. God is so real! He cares about all the little details, and to me when he does these bonuses (the toys) it is an awesome reminder that He will take care of the big things too!
    Thanks for allowing God to use you and your honesty about your own feelings to be a help to others more than you know. You and Tim and Jessie (and your parents) have been on my mind throughout today and will continue to be.
    Praying for Tim in a special way too tonight.
    Much love to each of you!

  4. Kim, you are an amazing woman!.. we have been in contact with Tim since the beginning, and you have been in our thoughts and prayers all along… and today we continue to raise Jesse and Tim up on this big day …. “Be still and know that I am God” …. much love to you all…

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