Jesse had a kidney transplant on 10th June, 2010. His Daddy was a perfect match for him. The transplant part of journey was by far the easiest medical intervention we went through.

Last hug before the two become part of one body

My brave boys

My brave boys the day after transplant

One week post-transplant, June 19, 2010

The hospital was amazing.

The recovery was fairly quick.

The result was instant.

A week later: Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thanks for the great kidney!

Jesse is still a diabetic and receives insulin injections every day because the E.coli damaged his pancreas as well as his kidneys. However, the kid can take a needle better than any adult I know. He has bloodwork done every few weeks at our local hospital. He can also swallow 8 pills in one go. Yes. 8.

Until new medical developments reach us, Jesse will be on immune-suppressants for the rest of his life. They keep his immune system sleepy enough so it won’t start telling his body this kidney is an invader! Not my own! Reject! Reject!

These drugs are expensive. But here’s where we have been so blessed: we live in a country, Canada, where health care is free, and where medications are subsidized. If we had been paying for Jesse’s dialysis and transplant, we would currently be bankrupt. But we didn’t. And we are so thankful for that.

Jesse now plays basketball, skis, rides his bike, swims …. and laughs a lot. He’s a sweet, tolerant, loving guy.


I’d encourage each of you to sign that form supporting organ donation. While in hospital, we met so many kids who were waiting for just a sliver of liver or a match for a kidney…… You can do something beautiful for another person. If you can’t do it now, please at least ensure that when the Lord comes for you, the bits of you that could help someone else are left here.

Kim x


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